Ekiti State Forestry Department visit the Forest Project
A visit to the Forest Project was made on 16 April by the Forestry Department, Ekiti State Ministry of Environment, and Ekiti State Tree Growers’ Association. The visit was facilitated by Dr Oliver Owen, University of Oxford Department of International Development, and authorized by Forestry Department Director General Felix Akinluyi. Participants included: Director A. K. Akinola, Plantation Development and Agroforestry; Director O.B. Olatilu, Non-Timber Forest Produce; Director E. O. Olaoye, Enforcement; Director A. Afolabi, Wildlife; and Director O. I. Faboye, Forestry Extension Services, together with Ige Laurence, Public Relations Officer of the Tree Growers’ Association.


A reception was held in the IITA Hotel where visitors were welcomed by Deni Bown, Manager of the IITA Forest Project, and Dr Robert Asiedu, Director, IITA West Africa. The delegation was then shown around the nursery, ethnobotanical garden, experimental plots and reforestation areas, where they were joined by members of Green Minds, followed by a short excursion to the forest. All agreed to pursue ways that the Forest Project might assist Ekiti State with initiatives to propagate and plant native trees for the good of people and the environment.


Ekiti State Forestry Department visit the Forest Project

African whitewood (Triplochiton scleroxylon)

The African whitewood (Triplochiton scleroxylon), known as arere in Yoruba and obeche in Bini, is a large fast-growing tree, reaching 65 m (213 ft), usually with a straight trunk and buttresses up to about 8 m (26 ft) high. It belongs to the family Sterculiaceae and is common in semi-deciduous rainforests from Sierra Leone to Gabon and Congo, including secondary forests where it may fill gaps as a pioneer species.

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