10 Pick Up Retro World Globe on Wooden Stand

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10 Pick Up Retro World Globe on Wooden Stand Description

It’s hard trying to find a globe that both looks good and is practical for what a globe should do. You run into a problem of having to compromise how good you want your centerpiece to be or if you and your kids would even want to use it. That’s why TelluricAzure’s world globes are made with both design and usability in mind. Everyone’s going to LOVE how your globe stands out One look at the retro style will give any adult flashbacks to a time where things were simple. A time where the biggest problem you had was trying to convince your parents to let you stay up late to watch TV and eat ice-cream. The Mango wood base gives a beautiful finish to your globe, one you’ll notice every time you pick it up to study the world. It’s easy to pick up, easy to study and has all the newest countries Our globes are really light, more lightweight than your laptop. Coming in at around a bit more than one pound, your kids will have no problem picking them up and letting their fascination run wild. This globe is built for exploration. Updated in 2017, TelluricAzure’s globe size is 10” in diameter, making it easy for you to spot newer countries like South Sudan. Know someone who could give curious George a run for his money? Then you’ve found the perfect gift. Our world globes are the perfect present if you’re looking to catch someone off guard with something they’ll cherish for years to come. You’ll love seeing them boast about their beautiful centerpiece or kids showing off the globe to guests pointing out countries they just learned about.

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