Jurassic RiverBed Play Sand – 25 Pound Sandbox Sand

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Jurassic RiverBed Play Sand – 25 Pound Sandbox Sand Description

Jurassic RiverBed Play Sand makes for a terrific alternative sand for your sandbox. With its poppy seed sized multi-colored grains it won’t stick to your children’s hands like the regular sand you buy at the local home improvement store. And, this sand won’t be tracked through your house or stick to your children’s shoes. This sand is so clean it won’t upset your child’s allergies or asthma. Jurassic RiverBed play sand is a beautiful multi-colored sand that has been naturally washed down from the mountains by raging streams and rivers during the spring snowmelt, giving the sand its unique textures, colors and name. The combination of super clean smooth grains, crunchy texture, interesting colors, and the ability to use wet or dry is sure to make this sand a hit in any sandbox. This play sand never ever wears out and makes for a unique tactile experience. No Nuisance Dust. Won’t Upset Allergies or Asthma. Doesn’t cling to hand & clothes. Unique Natural Colors and Textures.

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